ANNOUNCEMENT: The Voice in My Head, by Sarah Ettritch

QSFer Sarah Ettritch has a new FF sci fi romance out: When Izzy’s virtual assistant implant experiences a catastrophic failure, she receives a new implant with a unique personality. Chloe, Continue Reading →

ANNOUNCEMENT: TimeLabs Inc., by L.V. Lloyd

QSFer L.V. Lloyd has a new sci fi anthology out: TimeLabs Inc is a collection of six science fiction short stories, all with a romantic theme. Sam and Zak take a Continue Reading →

Announcement: Countermind, by Adrian Randall

DSPer Adrian Randall has a new paranormal/scifi book out: In a postprivacy future, secrets are illegal and all communication is supervised. Telepaths are registered and recruited by a government with no Continue Reading →

Announcement: Where There’s Smoke audio, by Cari Z.

QSFer Cari Z. has a new audio version of her superhero/villain MM book “Where There’s Smoke” out: Panopolis is a rough place to be an average Joe. I came here Continue Reading →