ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Blood Red Roulette, by Jana Denardo

COVER - Blood Red Roulette - Jana Denardo

QSFer Jana Denardo has a new bi paranormal book out with a romantic arc: Blood Red Roulette. Arrigo Giancarlo’s friends think he’s a rich young man with the unusual job … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Mama, Me, and the Holiday Tree, by Jeanne G’Fellers

Mama Me and the Holiday Tree

QSFer Jeanne G’Fellers has just released her new enby/pansexual queer paranormal fantasy book: Mama, Me, and the Holiday Tree. A dozen handmade holiday ornaments, that’s all, but it might be … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Escaping Solitude, by Sara Dobie Bauer

Escaping Solitude

Sara Dobie Bauer has a new MM/Bi paranormal book out: Escaping Solitude. Ancient vampire Andrew escaped his tropical island exile with his beloved human sailor, Edmund. They’ve now returned to … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: The Werewolf on Lowre Few Lane, by Bryce Bentley-Tales

The Werewolf on Lowre Few Lane, by Bryce Bentley-Tales

Bryce Bentley-Tales has a new queer YA paranormal book out: The Werewolf on Lowre Few Lane. Thirteen-year-old Colton and his best friend Jade spend their free time investigating a local … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Clutch, by Piper Scott & Virginia Kelly


QSFers Piper Kay and Virginia Kelly have a new MM paranormal mpreg book out: Bookish, snarky, and fiercely independent Nate Boudreaux leads a solitary life. Between teaching classes at the … Read more

REVIEW: A Light Amongst Shadows by Kelley York and Rowan Altwood

A Light Amongst Shadows

Title: A Light Amongst Shadows Series: Dark is the Night #1 Authors: Kelley York, Rowan Altwood Genre: historical fiction, supernatural, horror LGBTQ+ Category: m/m, gay, bisexual, cisgender Publisher: x-potion designs … Read more