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We have a number of reviews already on the site You can see our past reviews here:


At Queer Sci Fi, we have two in-house reviewers:

Ben BrockBen Brock
Subject: Adult Speculative Fiction
Preferred Format: .mobi
My personal interests run along Mystery/Thrillers, with speculative fiction and LGBTQ+ characters, but I read and enjoy a variety of genres.
Contact on FB Messenger:
Contact by Email:

John AllensonJohn Allenson
Subject: YA Speculative Fiction
Preferred Format: PDF
John is looking for all sorts of YA speculative fiction works.
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Contact by Email:

Review Copy Submission Guidelines

If you want to submit your LGBTIQA speculative fiction story for review, we’d love to see it. When sending a book for review, please include the following information with your review copy (see above for preferred formats):

Pages/Word Count:

Include author website links (when appropriate), and at least a buyer’s link to the publisher’s website. Please also include the cover. If your book isn’t published yet, please supply materials and links when they are available.

All books should include at least one LGBTIQA character, and should be some variant of speculative fiction–sci fi, fantasy, paranormal or horror.