CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Unlikely Stories Mark V

Unlikely Stories

Unlikely Stories Mark V is currently open for unthemed work in every medium. We’re open to submissions of fiction and creative non-fiction, poetry, visual art, movies, music, and artistic and sociopolitical criticism. Right now, we are particularly looking for submission from women, cis and trans, but we are eager to receive submissions from anyone.

We are (and have been) anti-Drumpf as a matter of policy, but we are looking for work on all subjects, political and otherwise. Check out our incredibly wordy submission guidelines at and send us some work! Submissions are examined on a rolling basis; we do regular updates, not “issues.” No fees, no payment.



1 thought on “CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Unlikely Stories Mark V

  1. I’d like to send you a story, but not sure if I fit your guidelines, and would appreciate a clue. I am a woman, so that’s something, but it’s not sci fi, just usual crazy world stuff. What format do you favor? Word doc ok?

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